2-19-2016 Firmware Updates: Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S II, Galaxy Note 4, and more

Samsung has a plethora of phones and tablets in its lineup, and regularly releases firmware updates for various devices. These can include major updates, which bring a newer version of the OS to a particular device, or minor ones that improve performance and stability and fix bugs. Software updates for Samsung devices roll out in various regions every day, and you can find out which firmware updates were pushed out by the company over the last 24 hours through our firmware list.

As usual, you can download each of these firmware from our firmware section (simply enter your device’s model number to view all firmware for that device) in order to update to a new firmware manually, or as a means to return to your phone or tablet’s stock software.

Country (Product Code)ModelModel NameVersionPDA
Argentina (ARO)SM-T113NUGALAXY Tab 3 Lite 7.0 VE4.4.4T113NUUBU0APB1
Argentina (Movistar) (UFN)SM-J100MUGALAXY J14.4.4J100MUUBU0AOK1
Australia (Telstra) (TEL)SM-N915GGALAXY Note Edge5.1.1N915GXXU1COL3
Australia (Telstra) (TEL)SM-N915GGALAXY Note Edge5.1.1N915GXXU1COL3
Australia (Telstra) (TEL)GT-I9210TGALAXY S II LTE4.0.4I9210TDVOI1
Australia (Telstra) (TEL)SM-N910GGALAXY Note 45.1.1N910GDTU1COL3
Australia (Telstra) (TEL)GT-I9210TGALAXY S II LTE4.0.4I9210TDVOI1
Australia (Telstra) (TEL)SM-N910GGALAXY Note 45.1.1N910GDTU1COJ3
Australia (Telstra) (TEL)SM-N915GGALAXY Note Edge5.1.1N915GXXU1COJ7
Brazil (VIVO) (ZVV)SM-P555M5.0.2P555MUBU1AOL1
Cambodia (CAM)SM-N920CGALAXY Note 56.0.1N920CXXU2BPB6
Cambodia (CAM)SM-G360HGALAXY Core Prime4.4.4G360HDDU0APA3
Caucasus Countries (CAU)SM-J500HGALAXY J55.1.1J500HXXU1AOI1
Caucasus Countries (CAU)SM-J500HGALAXY J55.1.1J500HXXU1APA5
Caucasus Countries (CAU)SM-J500HGALAXY J55.1.1J500HXXU1APA5
Caucasus Countries (CAU)SM-J500HGALAXY J55.1.1J500HXXU1APA5
Caucasus Countries (CAU)SM-J500HGALAXY J55.1.1J500HXXU1APA5
Chile (CHO)SM-N900GALAXY Note 35N900UBUEBOK1
Chile (CHO)EK-GC100GALAXY Camera4.1.2GC100UBBMC2
Chile (CRC)EK-GC100GALAXY Camera4.1.2GC100UBBMB1
Chile (CRC)GT-I9100GALAXY S II4.0.3I9100UHLPO
Chile (CRC)GT-N8000GALAXY Note
Chile (Claro) (CHL)EK-GC100GALAXY Camera4.1.2GC100UBBMC2
Chile (Telefonica) (CHT)SM-N910UGALAXY Note 45.1.1N910UXXU2COJ2
Chile (Telefonica) (CHT)SM-N910UGALAXY Note 45.0.1N910UXXU1BOF1
China (CHN)SM-N9006GALAXY Note 35N9006ZCUGPA1
China (CHN)SM-N9006GALAXY Note 35N9006ZCUGOH2
China (China Mobile) (CHM)SM-N9008GALAXY Note 35N9008ZMUGOH2
China (China Mobile) (CHM)SM-N9008GALAXY Note 35N9008ZMUGPA1
China (China Unicom) (CHU)SM-N9006GALAXY Note 35N9006ZNUGOH2
China (China Unicom) (CHU)SM-N9006GALAXY Note 35N9006ZNUGPA1
China (Open China) (CHC)SM-G9280GALAXY S6 Edge +5.1.1G9280ZCU2APB1
China (Open China) (CHC)SM-G9280GALAXY S6 Edge +5.1.1G9280ZCU2APB1
China (Open China) (CHC)SM-N9200GALAXY Note 55.1.1N9200ZCU2APB1
Colombia (COO)EK-GC100GALAXY Camera4.1.2GC100UBBLL2
Czech Republic (T-Mobile) (TMZ)SM-G130HNGALAXY Young 2 DUOS4.4.2G130HNXXU0AOI3
Czech Republic (T-Mobile) (TMZ)SM-G130HNGALAXY Young 2 DUOS4.4.2G130HNXXU0APA2
Dominican Republic (CDR)SM-N910CGALAXY Note 45.1.1N910CXXU2COJ5
Dominican Republic (CDR)SM-N910CGALAXY Note 45.0.1N910CXXU1BOH3
Dominican Republic (Orange) (DOR)GT-I9100GALAXY S II4.1.2I9100UHMS8
Ecuador (EBE)GT-P7500GALAXY Tab 10.13.2P7500UBKL3
France (Orange) (FTM)SM-G361FGALAXY Core Prime5.1.1G361FXXU1AOL1
France (Orange) (FTM)EK-GC100GALAXY Camera4.1.2GC100XXBLL7
Germany (DBT)EK-GC100GALAXY Camera4.1.2GC100XXBMC4
Germany (DBT)SM-A310F5.1.1A310FXXU1APB7
Germany (DBT)GT-I9100GALAXY S II4.1.2I9100XWLSD
Greece (EUR)EK-GC110GALAXY Camera4.1.2GC110XXAMC3
Greece (Cosmote) (COS)SM-G130HNGALAXY Young 2 DUOS4.4.2G130HNXXU0APA2
Greece (Cosmote) (COS)SM-G130HNGALAXY Young 2 DUOS4.4.2G130HNXXU0AOI3
Hong Kong (TGY)EK-GC100GALAXY Camera4.1.2GC100ZSBMC1
Hungary (XEH)EK-GC100GALAXY Camera4.1.2GC100XXBMC4
Hungary (XEH)EK-GC110GALAXY Camera4.1.2GC110XXAMC3
Hungary (XEH)SM-A510F5.1.1A510FXXU1APAE
Hungary (T-mobile) (TMH)SM-G130HNGALAXY Young 2 DUOS4.4.2G130HNXXU0AOI3
Hungary (T-mobile) (TMH)SM-G130HNGALAXY Young 2 DUOS4.4.2G130HNXXU0APA2
India (INS)SM-J200G5.1.1J200GDDU1APB1
Iran (THR)SM-J320F5.1.1J320FXXU0APB3
Iraq (MID)EK-GC100GALAXY Camera4.1.2GC100XXBMC4
Iraq (MID)SM-T561GALAXY Tab E 9.6 3G4.4.4T561XXU0AOL2
Iraq (MID)SM-T561GALAXY Tab E 9.6 3G4.4.4T561XXU0APA2
Ireland (Meteor) (MET)SM-A310F5.1.1A310FXXU1AOL7
Israel (ILO)SM-A710F5.1.1A710FXXU1APA5
Israel (Orange/Partner) (PTR)SM-N900GALAXY Note 35N900XXUEBOL4
Israel (Orange/Partner) (PTR)SM-N900GALAXY Note 35N900XXUEBOK3
Jamaica (CWW)SM-J200M5.1.1J200MUBU1AOK2
Kazakhstan (SKZ)SM-J500HGALAXY J55.1.1J500HXXU1AOI1
Kazakhstan (SKZ)SM-N900GALAXY Note 35N900XXUEBPB1
Kazakhstan (SKZ)SM-J500HGALAXY J55.1.1J500HXXU1APA5
Kenya (AFR)EK-GC100GALAXY Camera4.1.2GC100XXBMA1
Kenya (AFR)SM-J100HGALAXY J14.4.4J100HXXU0APA1
Korea (KOO)SM-G720N0GALAXY Grand 3 DUOS4.4.4G720N0U1APA2
Korea (KOO)SM-G720N0GALAXY Grand 3 DUOS4.4.4G720N0U1APA2
Macedonia (T-Mobile) (MBM)SM-G130HNGALAXY Young 2 DUOS4.4.2G130HNXXU0APA2
Macedonia (T-Mobile) (MBM)SM-G130HNGALAXY Young 2 DUOS4.4.2G130HNXXU0AOI3
Malaysia (XME)SM-G360HGALAXY Core Prime4.4.4G360HDDU0AOJ1
Malaysia (XME)SM-G360HGALAXY Core Prime4.4.4G360HDDU0APA3
Mexico (Telcel) (TCE)GT-B9150HomeSync4.2.2B9150XXUBME3
Morocco (MAT) (MAT)GT-I9515GALAXY S4 VE5.0.1I9515XXU1BPA5
Morocco (MWD) (MWD)SM-J200H5.1.1J200HXXU0APB1
Morocco (MWD) (MWD)GT-I9515GALAXY S4 VE5.0.1I9515XXU1BPA5
Netherlands (PHN)EK-GC110GALAXY Camera4.1.2GC110XXAMC2
New Zealand (Vodafone) (VNZ)EK-GC100GALAXY Camera4.1.2GC100XXBMC4
Nordic Countries (DNF)GT-P7320GALAXY Tab 8.9 4G4.0.4P7320XXLPM
Open Austria (ATO)GT-B9150HomeSync4.2.2B9150XXUBME3
Open Austria (ATO)EK-GC100GALAXY Camera4.1.2GC100XXBMC4
Pakistan (PAK) (PAK)SM-T555GALAXY Tab A 9.7 LTE5.0.2T555XXU1APB1
Panama (TPA)SM-A500HGALAXY A55.0.2A500HXXU1BOK3
Panama (TPA)EK-GC100GALAXY Camera4.1.2GC100UBBMC2
Panama (TPA)SM-A500HGALAXY A55.0.2A500HXXU1BPA1
Panama (TPA)SM-A300HGALAXY A35.0.2A300HXXU1BPA1
Paraguay (Personal) (PSP)SM-A300MGALAXY A34.4.4A300MUBU1AOHC
Paraguay (Personal) (PSP)SM-A300MGALAXY A35.0.2A300MUBU1BOK1
Paraguay (Tigo) (TGP)SM-A300MGALAXY A35.0.2A300MUBU1BOK1
Portugal (Vodafone) (TCL)EK-GC100GALAXY Camera4.1.2GC100XXBLL7
Romania (Cosmote) (COA)EK-GC110GALAXY Camera4.1.2GC110XXAMC4
Russia (SER)SM-A310F5.1.1A310FXXU1APB7
Russia (SER)EK-GC100GALAXY Camera4.1.2GC100XXBMC4
Russia (ALO)GT-N7000GALAXY Note4.1.2N7000XXLSZ
Russia (MegaFon) (MGF)SM-N900GALAXY Note 35N900XXUEBOK2
Russia (MegaFon) (MGF)SM-N900GALAXY Note 35N900XXUEBPB1
Saudi Arabia (KSA)GT-I9515GALAXY S4 VE5.0.1I9515XXU1BPA5
Saudi Arabia (KSA)EK-GC100GALAXY Camera4.1.2GC100XXBMC4
Saudi Arabia (KSA)SM-J320F5.1.1J320FXXU0APB3
Saudi Arabia (JED) (JED)EK-GC100GALAXY Camera4.1.2GC100XXBMC4
Saudi Arabia (STC) (XFU)SM-J500HGALAXY J55.1.1J500HXXU1APA5
Saudi Arabia (STC) (XFU)SM-J500HGALAXY J55.1.1J500HXXU1AOI1
Serbia (SMO)EK-GC110GALAXY Camera4.1.2GC110XXAMC4
Slovakia (TMS)SM-G130HNGALAXY Young 2 DUOS4.4.2G130HNXXU0APA2
Slovenia (Mobitel) (MOT)SM-A310F5.1.1A310FXXU1AOL7
South Africa (XFE)SM-J100HGALAXY J14.4.4J100HXXU0APA1
South Africa (Vodafone) (XFV)SM-T561GALAXY Tab E 9.6 3G4.4.4T561XXU0AOL2
South Africa (Vodafone) (XFV)SM-T561GALAXY Tab E 9.6 3G4.4.4T561XXU0APA2
Spain (PHE)EK-GC110GALAXY Camera4.1.2GC110XXAMC3
Switzerland (AUT)EK-GC110GALAXY Camera4.1.2GC110XXAMC4
Taiwan (BRI)EK-GC110GALAXY Camera4.1.2GC110ZSAMC3
Thailand (THL)SM-G360HGALAXY Core Prime4.4.4G360HDDU0AOJ1
Thailand (THL)EK-GC100GALAXY Camera4.1.2GC100XXBMC4
Thailand (THL)SM-G360HGALAXY Core Prime4.4.4G360HDDU0APA3
Trinidad and Tobago (TTT)SM-A300HGALAXY A35.0.2A300HXXU1BPA1
Trinidad and Tobago (TTT)EK-GC100GALAXY Camera4.1.2GC100UBBMC2
Trinidad and Tobago (TTT)GT-B9150HomeSync4.2.2B9150XXUBME3
Trinidad and Tobago (EON)GT-I9100GALAXY S II4.0.3I9100UHLPJ
Trinidad and Tobago (TTT)SM-A300HGALAXY A35.0.2A300HXXU1BOK7
Tunisia (TUN)SM-J320F5.1.1J320FXXU0APB3
Tunisia (ABS)GT-I9100GALAXY S II4.0.3I9100JPLPF
Turkey (TUR)SM-A510F5.1.1A510FXXU1APB3
USA (Verizon) (VZW)SM-R750V2.2.1.4R750VVRU1AOA4
Ukraine (Kyivstar) (SEK)SM-N900GALAXY Note 35N900XXUEBOK2
Ukraine (Kyivstar) (SEK)SM-J500HGALAXY J55.1.1J500HXXU1AOI1
Ukraine (Kyivstar) (SEK)SM-N900GALAXY Note 35N900XXUEBPB1
Ukraine (Kyivstar) (SEK)SM-J500HGALAXY J55.1.1J500HXXU1APA5
United Arab Emirates (XSG)SM-T561GALAXY Tab E 9.6 3G4.4.4T561XXU0APA2
United Arab Emirates (XSG)SM-T561GALAXY Tab E 9.6 3G4.4.4T561XXU0AOL2
United Arab Emirates (XSG)SM-J100HGALAXY J14.4.4J100HXXU0AOJ1
United Arab Emirates (XSG)GT-I9515GALAXY S4 VE5.0.1I9515XXU1BPA5
United Arab Emirates (XSG)SM-J100FGALAXY J14.4.4J100FXXU0APA1
United Arab Emirates (XSG)SM-J100HGALAXY J14.4.4J100HXXU0APA1
United Kingdom (H3G) (H3G)GT-I8160GALAXY Ace 22.3.6I8160NELG2
Unknown (DHR)SM-G130HNGALAXY Young 2 DUOS4.4.2G130HNXXU0AOI3
Unknown (DHR)SM-G130HNGALAXY Young 2 DUOS4.4.2G130HNXXU0APA2
Unknown (ANP)SM-A310F5.1.1A310FXXU1AOL7
Unknown (CHV)GT-I9100GALAXY S II4.1.2I9100UHMSA
Unknown (DDE)SM-G130HNGALAXY Young 2 DUOS4.4.2G130HNXXU0AOI3
Unknown (DDE)SM-G130HNGALAXY Young 2 DUOS4.4.2G130HNXXU0APA2
Uzbekistan (CAC)SM-N900GALAXY Note 35N900XXUEBPB1
Uzbekistan (CAC)SM-J500HGALAXY J55.1.1J500HXXU1APA5
Vietnam (XXV)SM-G360HGALAXY Core Prime4.4.4G360HDDU0APA3
Vietnam (XXV)SM-J320H5.1.1J320HXXU0APB8
Vietnam (XXV)SM-G360HGALAXY Core Prime4.4.4G360HDDU0AOJ1


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Nikhil Minz
Nikhil Minz

Greetings Android Enthusiasts,

Can anybody help with Samsung Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910G Indian firmware download link , my current android version is 5.0.1, even the stock firmware download link would work.

Many Thanks.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 N910CQ TURKEY Marsmallow Update ?


The N910GDTU1COJ3 Firmware Update discharge the battery of my SM-N910G

Arun 2
Arun 2

Wherecis 5.0 for S4 GT I9515 black edition in UAE country carrier. ..
That is why all users hate samsung.
Please also consider the need of customers.
Why the UAE black edition doesnot getting any new updates…
Please make it fast

Riyad Rijvi
Riyad Rijvi

Where is 5.0 for Note 2? thats why people hatw samsung -_-


That phone is a dinosaur… If they maintained all their phones that far back then it would take forever to release firmwares.


No words about G925i


What about the Tab Pro 8.4? You guys really fucking suck!


Dear Sir im waiting for New Frimware update 5.0.1 i9505XXUHOD7 ….EVR…..


Galaxy s6 Portugal! !!!!!


Please include to Update GALAXY A700YD to 5.1.1


when will we get 5.0 update for core prime sm-g360h


There is no sm-g920f update. It was fake.


2 months for the g920f marshmallow update and still waiting this shit update. I will never buy samsung mobile


Plz release galaxy E7 and galaxy J7 to android 6.0.1


Still No update for G925F marshmallow…!!!!


Where is the update for samsung galaxy S6 SM-G920F with android 6.0????
I’ve been waiting a long way since the news update on SamMobile ….