Mad Catz will now start making ‘Designed for Samsung’ game controllers

Mad Catz, a company best known for making some of the best mobile gaming controllers money can buy, has confirmed at the International Consumer Electronics Show 2016 in Las Vegas that it has joined the “Designed for Samsung” program. This means that the company will make controllers that are optimized for Samsung devices and those controllers will be required to pass through Samsung’s certification process before they can proudly carry the Designed for Samsung logo on the packaging.

That doesn’t mean these controllers won’t work with hardware from other manufacturers, they will continue to work just fine, but those who own a Samsung handset will have the added assurance that the product will provide them optimum performance on their device. Mad Catz has not announced when its first Designed for Samsung controllers will be out or how much they’re going to cost, when they do arrive they will be sold through the Mad Catz online store as well as through retailers.


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