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Samsung broadcasted a rock concert live in virtual reality

Earlier this year in September a football match between Portuguese teams FC Porto and S.L. Benfica was broadcasted live to the world in virtual reality using a multi-camera setup which had 360-degree cameras placed on in the bleachers and on the pitch. The very next month Samsung brought the live virtual reality experience to Portugal’s Supertubos Beach and now it has turned its attention towards music by broadcasting a rock concert live in virtual reality.

Samsung broadcasted The Gift’s highly anticipated concert which took place yesterday in Lisbon, Portugal. The concert celebrate the band’s 20th anniversary and also happened to be the first direct transmission in Portugal of a musical performance in VR. A two camera system was used which provided viewers the choice of either watching the show from the front row or from the stage right alongside the band. Users from all over the world tuned into the live broadcast, after all, they only needed a compatible smartphone with the Gear VR and the IM360 VR app to tune in.


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