Samsung might not switch to 4K displays on its smartphones in 2016

Sony switched to a 4K display on its most high-end smartphone this year with the Xperia Z5 Premium, but other prominent smartphone brands in the market might not switch to UHD displays even in 2016 according to some reports. Apparently, Samsung and LG are not in a rush to switch to 4K smartphone displays.

Several reports from South Korea last week suggest that Samsung and LG will stick to 2K displays in their flagship smartphones, similar to their smartphones from this year. The reason for this decision seems to be the lack solution to stop overheating linked to 4K displays.

There’s a lack of enough 4K content to be enjoyed on these display. Moreover, Samsung and LG didn’t receive enough orders for 4K smartphone displays from other brands. The reports also suggest that 4K content needs 5G cellular connectivity for downloading on the go, which will available only in 2018.

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