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Flickr releases virtual reality app for the Gear VR

Much more content is gradually becoming available for the Gear VR, a device from Samsung that’s leading the consumer VR charge right now, those who have picked up the consumer version of this headset will no doubt be glad that more and more services are turning their attention towards this platform. Flickr is a popular online service for sharing photos, it enables users to upload 360° degree photos, and they can now be experienced in an immersive environment courtesy of the virtual reality app Flickr has released for the Gear VR.

Flickr VR is available for all smartphones that work with the Gear VR, the app will put 360° photos front and center when the headset is on, providing users with a very engaging virtual reality experience. Curated 360° photos will be displayed in a carousel when the app is launched and users will really be able to experience another time and place once they open up a 360° photo.




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