Themes Thursday: 47 new themes hit the Samsung Theme Store this week

Another week has gone by, and more themes have hit the Samsung Theme Store. There are 47 new themes in the store today, some of them paid and some of them free. Well, most of them are paid, which seems to be a recurring theme (pardon the pun) these days. Once again we’re seeing a few Christmas themes, but there are quite a few regular ones as well.

Of the 47 themes, some of the good ones include Blue UI, [MINU] Gold Edition, [Aire] Winter Tree, and Barca 2 Wrap; there’s also a Popeye theme for fans of the fictional cartoon character. Check out the latest themes in the Theme Store on your phone, and do let us know what you think of the new entries this week.

Barca 2 Wrap


Blue UI


[MINU] Gold Edition


[Aire] Winter Tree




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