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Attention: The Gear VR could burn a hole into your smartphone display

The consumer-ready version of the Gear VR went on sale recently in some important markets around the world, and the device was sold out online and in Korea. If you have purchased the virtual reality headset from Samsung, here are a few safety related warnings  that you should take into account.

The folks over at RoadToVR have noticed that you should never leave the Gear VR out in the sun with the smartphone inside it. You should know that the lenses can focus sun rays (working similar to a magnifying glass) onto the smartphone’s display, damaging it permanently.

Moreover, you should not use the Gear VR without the phone docked inside it. If you use it that way, you could lose your vision when you watch a powerful light source (like the Sun). Moreover, you should not let kids below the age of 13 use the Gear VR for an extended period of time, because the user manual states that it can limit the visual development of the children.

The Gear VR is one of the best virtual reality headsets out there, and consuming content through it is quite immersive, but you should never use it under direct sunlight as it can damage your eyes or your smartphone’s display. So, you should be very careful about how you use the it and where you use it.

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What a crock of doo doo for a headline! lol… but what do we expect from the Biggest Samsung Hater on SamMobile??? 😀 If you’re talking about leaving your phone in it 24/7 (which is asinine as it is) and then pointing the screen toward direct sun…. well then yeah…. naturally the magnification lens will act like a Magnifying Glass and probably if you were stupid enough to leave like that, it’d probably catch it on fire!!!! ahahaha….. But being a fool to do such a thing I wouldn’t be surprised to hear people getting hit by cars, when they… Read more »


If anyone burns a hole in their phone leaving the VR set out in the sun only have themselves to blame, every human above the age of seven should know what sun plus manifying lens should equal.


Sun + Magnifying lens = Bigger Sun right? 😀