Themes Thursday: Christmas and Thanksgiving themes start hitting the Theme Store

Welcome back to Themes Thursday! This week, Samsung has released 45 themes in the Theme Store. Unlike last week, all the good-looking themes from this week are paid. Even though there’s still time for the Christmas festive season, theme developers have started releasing Christmas related themes. There are a couple of Thanksgiving focussed themes as well.

We liked six themes from this week, and they are showcased below. Two of the three Christmas themes showcased today have a minimalistic approach to design, but if you don’t like them, you can have a look at the other themes in the Theme Store. The Landmark theme looks pretty good to me, and I’ve installed it on my Galaxy Note 5. Which themes did you like this week?

[Aire] Shining Moon Design Theme – Paid
Samsung Theme Store - [Aire] Shining Moon Design Theme

[MINU] Deep Blue – Paid
Samsung Theme Store - [MINU] Deep Blue

[WoOS Design] Landmark – Paid
Samsung Theme Store - [WoOS Design] Landmark

Christmas Bear – Paid
Samsung Theme Store - Christmas Bear

Christmas Celebration – Paid
Samsung Theme Store - Christmas Celebration

Happy Snowman – Paid
Samsung Theme Store - Happy Snowman

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