Virtual Reality

Gear VR priced at €99.99 in Europe, available for pre-order

Samsung and Oculus announced a commercial version of the Gear VR back in September, with a release date of sometime this fall in the US. Samsung hadn’t said anything about a launch in Europe, but it seems the continent will get the virtual reality headset at around the same time as North America. The Gear VR is available for pre-order in Germany and the Netherlands for €99.99, and shipping is set to begin as early as November 21st.

Samsung Germany lists a delivery date of December 1, but given it has made anything official yet, we could be looking at tentative release dates that could change in the near future. In any case, consumers should be able to pick up the headset at least before the end of December. Of course, they will need a Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S6 edge+ to be able to enter the world of virtual reality through the Gear VR; the Note 5 is supported as well, but that handset is not expected to be launched in the European region any time soon.

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