[UPDATED] Exclusive: 18.4-inch Samsung Galaxy View images leak

Samsung has been working on a giant Android tablet, the biggest in its lineup, called the Galaxy View. Information on the tablet has been making the rounds online for some time, and we have now managed to obtain exclusive images showing the 18.4-inch monster in all its glory. Thankfully, the Galaxy View is not a monster when it comes to looks; indeed, Samsung seems to have taken the design aspect seriously, as the device looks rather good despite its large size and what should be mostly mid-range hardware if we are to go by previous leaks.

In fact, Samsung has put in a lot of effort to make the design stand out. Do you notice how the home button is missing? Yep, this is the first time in a couple of years that we are seeing a Samsung tablet without the company’s traditional hard home button. The images might not show them clearly, but the tablet will feature on-screen navigation buttons. It’s not totally surprising, as pressing an actual button wouldn’t be convenient on a display of this size.

Also notable is the tablet’s dock. It’s not a traditional dock, no doubt because of the large display, and we love the rather funky way the dock folds out at the back and also has a handle to make it easy to carry around. Oh, and it seems there is a front-facing camera on this thing, a feature that wasn’t mentioned in the device’s listing on the GFXBench benchmark.

These are promotional images so we suspect the Galaxy View might not look as classy in real-life, but it’s good to see it’s not just a haphazard attempt from the Korean giant at making a huge tablet. Check out all the pictures below, and let us know what you think of the tablet down in the comments!

Samsung Galaxy View SamMobile_003

Samsung Galaxy View SamMobile_004

Samsung Galaxy View SamMobile_005

Samsung Galaxy View SamMobile_006

Samsung Galaxy View SamMobile_007

Samsung Galaxy View SamMobile_008

Samsung Galaxy View SamMobile_009

Samsung Galaxy View SamMobile_010

Samsung Galaxy View SamMobile_011

Samsung Galaxy View SamMobile_012

Samsung Galaxy View SamMobile_013

Samsung Galaxy View SamMobile_014

Samsung Galaxy View SamMobile_015

Samsung Galaxy View SamMobile_016

Samsung Galaxy View SamMobile_017

Samsung Galaxy View SamMobile_018

Samsung Galaxy View SamMobile_019

Samsung Galaxy View SamMobile_020

Samsung Galaxy View SamMobile_021

Samsung Galaxy View SamMobile_022

Samsung Galaxy View SamMobile_023

Samsung Galaxy View SamMobile_024

Samsung Galaxy View SamMobile_025

Samsung Galaxy View SamMobile_026

Samsung Galaxy View SamMobile_027

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1 year 6 months ago

with this big screen no s-pen? so this must be a portable tv.

1 year 6 months ago

it s a Mattel Hoverboard …

1 year 6 months ago

The placement of the buttons is consistent with every other Samsung product released to date. Changing it now would be counter-productive. It’s not such a big deal anyway.

1 year 6 months ago

portable smart tv?

1 year 6 months ago

Leave it to Samsung to make sure the on screen buttons are backwards according to the standard. Rather than just making them match android’s on screen buttons, they reversed them to match Samsung capacitive buttons. They are so damn stubborn about some things. For example, a physical hone button, which I hope is gone for good. That was the one real design albatross around the neck of Samsung.

1 year 6 months ago

Announcement date?

1 year 6 months ago

No physical buttons to get in the way.. YES!! I Love the Samsung Tabs but not the physical buttons on the bezels. Phones OK, but not tablets. Myself or someone in the family always press these buttons accidentally and mess up our games. My kid is always pressing the back button thinking the game is crashing. Definitely buying this one :)

1 year 6 months ago

So disable the capacitive buttons once you launch your game, enable afterwards. It doesn’t need root.

1 year 6 months ago

Oh, I forgot. Curved screen, like the new OLED TV’s. And, sell these through Samsung Digital Signage too.

1 year 6 months ago

I would definitely buy this, maybe a few. I just bought a refurbished Dell XPS 18 and love it. Some design thoughts. This is not a tablet that you hold up with a hand. No need for wide border. Go with ultra-thin border like TV’s and Dell’s XPS 13 laptop. Second thing, make this with OLED. Make it eye-popping. Third thing, make it light and thin. Fourth thing, make a 27″ version like recently announced Yoga Home 900, but thinner, much lighter, OLED, and no border. Windows would be nice, but not a deal breaker.

1 year 6 months ago

When is this October event supposed to be happening, to announce this?? October is ending…

1 year 6 months ago

I think this is not a good idea . this tablet won’t sucseed
I’m still waiting for samsung to annaunce new galaxy note 12.2 with AMOLED, but samsung has just built an idiotic device !
What’s wrong with samsung?

1 year 6 months ago

I still dont understand the reasoning behind powering such a massive display with such mediocre specs.

1 year 6 months ago

It’s a portable smartTV. Doesn’t need great specs.

1 year 6 months ago

The Galaxy Tab 2 also used on-screen buttons. I’ve still got one somewhere :-)

1 year 6 months ago

Me too but as I undrstand it right, there is no buttons at all even at the sides.