Galaxy Note 5 drop test video shows the device can survive a drop

If you’re thinking about purchasing the Galaxy Note 5 you’re probably going to conduct a bit of research first before spending your hard earned money on the device. Most people like seeing review and unboxing videos on YouTube before they make up their mind, drop test videos are also very popular which is why we’re featuring one here today. The video shows how well the Galaxy Note 5 holds up when it’s dropped from a reasonable height, one that’s realistic enough to be encountered in normal use.

This is a bit different from conventional drop test videos on YouTube because a proper drop test machine is being used to replicate the scenarios. In the first test the Galaxy Note 5 is dropped on its back from a height of one meter on tile, the handset’s glass back cracks on the first drop but they’re not on the top layer so users aren’t at risk of cutting their finger. A face first drop on tile from the same height cracks the front glass without inflicting any damage to the display itself.

In the next test the Galaxy Note 5 is dropped on its back from a height of one meter on concrete, the back glass gets completely shattered and even the rear camera’s glass gets cracked. First first drop on concrete shatters the front glass even more with visible damage to the display. Sure, the Galaxy Note 5 isn’t the sturdiest of devices available on the market but it’s strong enough to withstand bumps and bruises that one could reasonably expect with long term day-to-day use.

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