Samsung reportedly wants to team up with Microsoft on HoloLens

Earlier this year in January, Microsoft announced a new wearable gadget called HoloLens which is basically a holographic computer that’s built into a headset. With HoloLens the user can interact with holograms within an environment such as a room, to make that happen Microsoft used high-definition lenses and spatial sound technology while the headset has been built in such a way that it doesn’t need to be connected to a PC. It’s merely a prototype at this point in time but Microsoft has confirmed that HoloLens will be released to the public around the same time it releases Windows 10 for consumers.

According to a new report out of Korea, Samsung wants to team up with Microsoft on HoloLens to explore the limitless possibilities that this technology offers. A source cited in the report claims that Samsung might see HoloLens’ technology as a crucial component for future healthcare and medical devices. This partnership may be beneficial for both Samsung and Microsoft because the Korean company certainly has more expertise in processors and sensor chips, leaving Microsoft free to leverage its software expertise to create an industry standard with HoloLens.

It’s too soon to say what fruit this partnership might bear because so far no confirmation has come in from either Samsung or Microsoft.

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Don’t forget their in house expertise in Health and Fitness…. besides owning Pharmaceutical companies, string of Top Rated Hospitals and a Top 10 Cancer Research and Treatment Center. Plus…. Medison is exactly small potatoes in the health field. Having invented 3D/4D Ultrasound. What about Techwin’s in the Field Surgery Robots? What could Hololens mean to Robotic Surgery Drones piloted by Surgeons far from accidents and hospitals in War Zones. The Military Field Surgery Robot still requires direct hands on assistance during operations. With Halolens or at least modified Gear VR could enable remote robotic control of an in the field… Read more »