Samsung Display reveals key details about its most advanced display

Samsung Display has detailed the technology behind its most advanced flexible AMOLED display which debuted on the Galaxy S6 edge. This is the company’s third curved mobile display which provides extremely bright and colorful images with 3.6 million pixels. In addition to the “unusually fast” response time the display also consumes less power. Ho Jung Kim, a spokesman for Samsung Display, said that the company is witnessing increasing interest in its new display and that its working “extra hours” to increase production levels in order to meet high demand.

The display uses polyimide (PI) which is an advanced type of plastic as the substrate material instead of rigid glass that’s conventionally used in AMOLED panels. Samsung has been able to make a film thinner than a human hair out of this material and has been able to deposit an electronic circuit onto it. The flexible display can thus be used in single-edge designs or “dual-faceted” designs like that of the Galaxy S6 edge with a curvature of 6.5R for each side.

Since Samsung’s new flexible display is capable of driving each of its pixels individually this helps it to reduce power consumption, it reduces power consumption by 20 percent through pixel control technology which permits the device to use only 7mm of each column of the curved display at any one time. It touts the industry’s highest color reproduction rate and has a color gamut which perfectly supports the Adobe RBG color scale. The display provides Quad HD 1440 x 2560 pixel resolution with 557 pixels per inch which is currently the highest resolution available for any smartphone, total number of pixels on this display is 75 percent higher than the number in a full HD AMOLED panel used in devices like the Galaxy S5.



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cool innovation, but when it breaks (e.g. like when riding a bus or train and you hit it by accident in the rails from the bumpy ride or acceleration), your ffff***ked!