Galaxy S6 edge sales surpass expectations, grabs half of all Samsung’s new sales

Some have said in the days since the MWC 2015 Galaxy S6/S6 edge announcement (March 1) that Samsung should’ve made the Galaxy S6 edge the flagship and launched the “edge” as the company’s only flagship model. New results posted by Yonhap show that there may be some kernel of truth to the statement.

The Galaxy S6 edge has grabbed 50% of all new Samsung Galaxy S6 sales, with the company’s regular Galaxy S6 grabbing the other half. The normal Galaxy S6 sales are expected, as is the case with the Note 4 Samsung launched last Fall in comparison with the Note Edge. What is surprising, however, is that the Galaxy S6 edge was only expected to grab 20-30% of all S6 sales – not fifty percent.

There is much praise for Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, but the cost of the S6 edge has been considered as a drawback from buying what is, undisputedly, the company’s most innovative Galaxy S model we’ve ever seen. And yet, customers seem to love the “People Edge” that lets you color-code contacts and see your phone display light up when a close friend or relative calls (among other features). What may have been perceived as a huge leap of faith for Samsung is turning into currency – and that’s all the Korean manufacturer could ever hope for. If the tech media is wondering whether or not the Galaxy S6/S6 edge can turn around sales, the answer is clear.


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