Tesco sends a Galaxy S6 edge to space

The Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 edge will be released tomorrow so Samsung’s carrier and retail partners are no doubt excited about all the customers the new handsets will bring in. UK retailer Tesco has conducted a rather unique marketing campaign for the Galaxy S6 edge by sending one unit to the literal edge of space. It just tied the device to a space balloon and sent it up. A trio of GoPro cameras are making the journey as well to document the Galaxy S6 edge’s adventures in space.

Tesco launched the balloon from an undisclosed location inside the Peak District National Park, and says that on the ride up its contraption survived winds of up to 160km/h and temperatures as cold as -57 degrees Celsius. Currently the Galaxy S6 edge is floating in space and Tesco is running a competition of sorts that depends upon the moment the balloon bursts and it all comes hurtling towards the earth at astonishing speed. A lucky Twitter user who tweets “DROP” and “#S6EdgeOfSpace” at precisely the same time the balloon bursts will receive a Galaxy S6 edge from Tesco for free.  Once the device is on its way back to Earth another competition will start, this time the user who tweets “Land” and the same hashtag and guesses the correct time of landing will also receive a free unit from the retailer.

At 11am UK time Tesco will start livestreaming the Galaxy S6 edge’s journey up there, but until that time the stream will remain private.



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