Samsung sings praises of the Galaxy S6’s design, calls it a ‘modern masterpiece’

Samsung has already received much praise for the Galaxy S6’s design and there’s no doubt in the fact that the latest flagship looks amazing. In a post on its official blog today the company talks about how it started off with a blank canvas to create what it deems to be a “modern masterpiece.” Samsung says that it’s all about the premium feel with the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 edge, as well as the balance between texture, weight and functionality. Lee Min-Hyouk, Vice President of the design team of Samsung Electronics’ Mobile Communications Division said “Until now, we were focused on delivering everything we could offer but this time, we returned to the very beginning to capture the essence of what Samsung wanted to extend to its consumers.”

The company says that its journey to design the Galaxy S6 started off with metal but it didn’t rush into this decision because it wanted to ensure that the device felt solid and premium. That’s why Samsung went with 6013 aluminum which is normally used in aircraft fuselages, yachts or mountain bikes. The metal’s strength is 50 percent higher and durability is 20 percent better than 6063 aluminum that used by other smartphone manufacturers. The metal body was then topped off with Gorilla Glass 4 to enhance durability. Samsung made sure that the perimeter edges were slightly higher than the glass surface so that the metal edges were the first point of contact if the device were to fall down, and this does wonders as evident from the Galaxy S6 drop tests we have witnessed so far.

The Galaxy S6 edge stands out from the crowd due to its distinctive look and the company says that it had to work very hard to find the optimal curvature. Then a 3D manufacturing process had to be established that allowed thermo-forming at 800-degree Celsius to create the dual curved edges of this smartphone. Samsung’s developers wanted to create a curve that resembled the surface of water sloping on glass and they really did hit the nail on the head.

Samsung asks if a smartphone can combine form and function “in a way that exudes premium and craftsmanship?” On April 10 you’ll be able to judge for yourself.



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