Galaxy S6 Experience gets you a little closer to the new Samsung

We said some days ago that Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Experience app was a johnny-come-lately to the party, but the Korean manufacturer has, in keeping with tradition, supplied the one new app that we’ve all been waiting for.

The new Galaxy S6 Experience app gives consumers a look into four categories: camera, charging, security, and display. The camera section compares Samsung’s f/1.9 aperture, 5MP front and 16MP back cameras on the S6 and S6 edge with other phones that feature f/2.2 aperture cameras. The security section shows the three security tools Samsung has placed in the S6 and S6 edge: a Smart Manager, Knox 2.0, and a new and improved fingerprint scanner.

In addition to these expected features in the S6 Experience app, Samsung also provides some insight into the S6 and S6 edge’s design as well as information regarding accessories for both models. There are 7 cases (that’s right, seven) available for customers who want to accessorize: a new Clear View cover, Clear Cover, S View Cover, Fabric S View Cover, Flip Wallet, Fabric Flip Wallet, and Protective Cover. Only the Protective Cover is available for the S6 edge currently.

The Galaxy S6 Experience app is available for download from the Google Play Store. While it’s a virtual tease of the Best Buy demo experience, it may just be the thing to get you out and about to see the real deal.

For those who think the new Galaxy S6 Experience app is not enough, check out the ten Galaxy S6 and S6 edge apps now available through XDA.

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