As expected, Broadcom’s BCM4773 chip improves power efficiency on the Galaxy S6

The Galaxy S6’s 2550mAh battery capacity might not seem like too much at first but Samsung has made many other tweaks to ensure that users can get the best possible performance out of their device before it needs to be charged again. We had exclusively reported back in November last year that the Galaxy S6 is going to come with Broadcom’s BCM4773 chip. This special localization chip enables the Galaxy S6 to collect and compute data from Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS modules on one single chip which results into far less battery drain.

Tweakers was able to confirm at Mobile World Congress 2015 that the Galaxy S6 indeed touts Broadcom BCM4773 and estimates that compared to existing solutions this chip provides power efficiency of up to 80 percent. This will go a long way in ensuring that the 2550mAh battery in Samsung’s latest smartphone can last even longer.



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They are almost done with the S7, some final details perhaps. We gonna get better batteries, they will charge in 10-20 minutes in 2016… 25 mil pix cameras… better processors… and more. That is how it works.


Samsung talking about Note 5 already? When will Sammoble ask if Note 4 will get some of S6 software features. I moved from Apple to Note 4. Hope Samsung don’t neglect a 5 month old device. Bare in mind UK got this in mid – Oct. The Note 4 is currently the best phablet out there, S6 will be best 5″ or below phone. Surly they must both have up to date TW software alongside Lolipop, which we still don’t have in UK

When will Sammobile confirm Note 4 will get these features.


@NOTELOVE , you get software updates every month, why don’t keep patience and wait for good.?