Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge’s curved display not as feature rich as Galaxy Note Edge’s

The official unveiling of the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge is due two days from now, but their design and specifications have already been leaked, leaving only the software features to our imagination. It is evident from the leaked images that the Galaxy S6 Edge’s dual-curved display isn’t as curved as the Galaxy Note Edge’s.

Now, Business Korea is claiming that the curved display on the upcoming Galaxy S6 Edge will not be as functional as the Galaxy Note Edge. Apparently, the experts are saying that it will be difficult to utilize Note Edge like side panels on the Galaxy S6 Edge due to lower screen area on the edge. Also, the whole device is smaller than the Note Edge. If you remember, the Galaxy Note Edge has a 5.6-inch display, while the Galaxy S6 Edge is expected to feature a 5.1-inch display.

The Korean publication’s insider source said, “The size of the Galaxy S Dual Edge is smaller than the Galaxy Note Edge. So, it was presumably difficult to enlarge its dual-edge screen. I think that there will be no message alarm or information storage functions owing the narrowed screen.

The decreased curved edge and the adjusted angle of the curve is said to reflect Samsung’s intentions to improve the manufacturing yield of curved displays so that the Korean smartphone giant could make as many devices as possible. Since it is difficult to provide side panel functionality, the Galaxy S6 Edge is likely to set itself apart in terms of design and ergonomics, however you should take this with a pinch of salt as Samsung can surprise us at the last moment.



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I’m glad for that. Judging by the leaked pics the edge is no bigger than the standard s6 and I think that’s important. What will sell curved screens to the public are aesthetics and ergonomics, not some gimmicky and fiddly edge tabs feature


There’s shadows behind the icons now