Z1 Tizen smartphone will be manufactured in India

Recently Samsung launched its first Tizen powered smartphone. The Samsung Z1 was announced in India and is currently only being sold in that country. This smartphone is targeted at first-time smartphone buyers in India. Samsung has not said if it has any plans of introducing the smartphone in Western countries, the Z1 seems to be limited to Asian countries for now. However the company has confirmed that it is going to manufacture the Samsung Z1 at its facility in India.

Samsung India Vice President Marketing (Mobile and IT) Asim Warsi said that the Z1 is going to be manufactured at the company’s Noida plant based in UP. This facility has the capacity to produce four million units per month and can be used to manufacture both high-end and affordable devices.

Warsi has also revealed that Samsung is going to launch the Z1 in Bangladesh soon. Touching on recent reports about this smartphone not exciting the Indian market, Warsi said that Samsung Z1 sales have “surpassed all expectations.”



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Luis Pascual
Luis Pascual



Some people always talk trash since they got nothing better going on in their lives.
I would like to have o e of these as a 2nd phone but I’m in UK


Samsung Z1 tizen phone is more like a TOY for a kid, aprox 20 usd phone device to be used for children from 0 to 3 years old to play like a real device. A zero sales device, only as a toy maker really


And you keep on posting same comment in all the posts related to Tizen OS and Samsung Z1.

Have you used Samsung Z1?
If you would have than you won’t be posting so.
I have Samsung S4 and LG G3 Beat too. Both are way high in everything from specs to cost yet Samsung Z1 competes with them easily.
That’s the level of optimization of Tizen.
Even with 12+ hours of WiFi I get 2+ days of battery Backup and yet 5-8% battery is left.

So next time before posting your thoughts first try to know the reality.