Galaxy Note 4 covers add Qi wireless charging

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 does not have support for wireless charging built in, but that does not mean that this smartphone is not capable of supporting this feature. For many flagship devices Samsung has released external covers which add Qi wireless charging to the device. It has done the same for Galaxy Note 4. Two covers are available for the Galaxy Note 4, a standard and a S-View Flip Cover, both have the Qi wireless charging technology built in.

Installing these covers is very easy. Replace the existing back cover on the Galaxy Note 4 and install the new one. The bonus for customers that have carrier-branded devices that the new cover comes without any carrier branding, while preserving the same style, texture and color that the original Note 4 back plate offers.

Both the standard and S-View Flip case Qi wireless charging covers add a little bit of thickness and weight to the device. The user will notice it but its not something that’ll make holding and using the device uncomfortable. In return for added thickness and weight users gets wireless charging compatibility.

The standard and S-View Flip cover Qi wireless charging covers for Galaxy Note 4 cost $29.95 and $59.95 respectively.

s-view-flip-qi-wireless-galaxy-note-4 standard-qi-wireless-galaxy-note-4


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