Samsung Galaxy A3 and A5 coming soon to Europe, firmware now online

The Galaxy A3 (SM-A300) and Galaxy A5 (SM-A500) are mid-range devices that Samsung is hoping will attract consumers with their metallic designs, but both devices have been in limited supply due to production issues, keeping their availability limited to a few Asian markets. However, it looks like Samsung is finally ready to bring the two devices to Europe, as firmware for a slew of European countries for both the A3 and A5 are now available online. That’s the only indication we need that European consumers will soon be able to buy the two A series devices, though we will have to wait for information on their pricing and exact launch dates.

Those interested can download the firmware for the Galaxy A3 and A5 from our firmware section. Do let us know if you’re planning to buy either device by leaving a comment down below, and don’t forget to check our review of the Galaxy A5.


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