[Updated] Exclusive: Galaxy S6 to come with Sennheiser earbuds

Samsung has always had a soft corner for the audiophiles. This is evident from the fact that the Korean major used Wolfson DACs on its phones long before it became a commonplace, only to offer a high-quality audio experience to its users. It appears as though this trend of having high-end audio on offer is here to stay, perhaps not with a Wolfson DAC, but via other means. We have exclusive insight on the fact that the next big thing from Samsung, the Galaxy S6, will come with Sennheiser earbuds out of the box.

It isn’t clear if all variants of the upcoming device will have Sennheiser earphones, however. Samsung is reportedly working on a limited edition, dual-edged Galaxy S6 Edge; the ‘limited edition’ tag might well be shared with another variant which will come with the Sennheiser buds in question. Meanwhile, we also just broke news about confirmed accessories that the Galaxy S6 will be getting, you might want to have a look!

Update: These earbuds appear to have a design similar to Apple Earpods and the headphones which come bundled with the Amazon Fire Phone. Our sources tell us that these headphones will also feature Apt-X, which might mean that they are Bluetooth wireless headphones.

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