Report: Samsung Galaxy Alpha to be discontinued, Galaxy A5 to take its place

The Galaxy Alpha is one of the most attractive smartphones to have come out of Samsung’s camps, but it seems the Korean manufacturer is set to discontinue production of the device in the coming weeks. According to a report by ETNews, Samsung will be discontinuing the Galaxy Alpha and slowly replacing it with the Galaxy A5, which is set to launch in South Korea late next month/in early February.¬†Production of the Galaxy Alpha will reportedly come to a halt once inventory for its materials runs out.

Samsung is reportedly making this move as part of its plans to focus on cheaper devices, which is unsurprising considering it’s the mid-range and low-end market that’s getting all the attention these days. Replacing the Galaxy Alpha with the A5 will also help Samsung attract more attraction towards its Galaxy A lineup, which offer all-metal designs and attractive hardware and features at a good price. Furthermore, while the Galaxy Alpha made headlines due to its attractive design and the fact that it was the first Android phone from Samsung to feature a metallic body, it hasn’t really done too well in terms of sales, mainly due to its high price.

What do you think about the Galaxy Alpha’s apparently imminent demise?



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2 years 21 days ago

Sorry to say that the build quality on this phone is not what it seems. I have been using my A5 for just over one month now, and from very little handling and very little pocket travel, (it is usually in my desk drawer at work) the chrome beading on the edges is already wearing off and revealing a dull finish beneath.

Very disappointed. Currently speaking to Samsung and CellC to try and have this device swapped out.

2 years 1 month ago

I love my alpha. I had, S2, S3, note3, S5 but Alpha is giving me, by far, the nicest sensation. Samsung you must spy among the Apples fans, they like alpha. 90% of my friends have iPhones 5 and 6 and they said “wow you brought a new phone? Let me see! Wow it’s very nice, slim and soft”. Or “is that an iPhone 6?” no, wow, please let me see it! They never did before with the other samsung or lg or Sony Xperia I had (while they had iPhone 4 or 4s). Please understand the 4,7 screen is a mass liker. You must produce a good phone slick, clean, quality builded with that screenand you will sell. I’m guessing the only reason you don’t sell well alphas is because of the confusion you’ve created.
You can’t fight with Apple and HTC, xiaomi, etc with the same weapons.
Compared with you samsung, Apple it’s like I niche brand, a niche that enormously sell. Maybe it’s time to make a premium sub-brand (not just s-line) to fight apple. And let the big brand fight the big market with all the new unknown fresh camers.
The name must be very carefully chosen. Ok….
Btw my iPhone fans friends only hated on my alpha, the Samsung text on front. I must agreed with them that it looks better without.
I must say : I love very, very, very much my alpha, it makes me proud I am a samsung fan.

2 years 2 months ago

WHat the hell? i just bought one…. screw you samsung,i mean WHY?
This is really disappointing . Just got a new phone after a lot of persuasion…
Getting a new phone doesn’t happen very often you know…

2 years 3 months ago

Its a prototype that they released. The battery size says that to me.

But I still own one and I still love it. I rooted it and got rid of some samsung apps but I’m currently downloading the stock rom, to return to Samsung OOTB Alpha.

Although Nova Launcher may still hold the fort.

2 years 3 months ago

Like some, they still prefer 4.7inch like robertkoa. Samsung could have the smaller version like you always do the S6 mini. The Alpha can be the S6 mini. Samsung has built the Galaxy S series for 4years+, the brand has been established in all people in mind. Only the flagship brand name could have significant high sales. Please do not ditch away the flagship name you have build over the years and try to create another sub flagship that confuse the consumers.
As if Alpha should be the flagship and everyone else should move from S series to Alpha? Pls don’t. Yes, agreed Alpha has the nice build, and it should be in S series and always be. Do not dethrone S series.

You may have Note series. Let Note be Note and S series be S series. Make S series and Note series as your premium flagship brand.

And you can have the affordable low end phone to be plastic all u want to be more competitive to Xiaomi. This is the right thing to do. A tips to why Xiaomi 1/1s are good. Even though the internal memory only has 4gb for apps, the SOFTWARE is modifies in such away it, it auto install the app to the external SDCard if it is available. So even people only has 4GB, they still can download and install many App and RUN the App without having PROBLEM of memory full. I tried and I marveled about it. Compare to Samsung Galaxy Ace, those Samsung low end phone. All are having memory full issue bcoz even Whatsapp images are auto stored at external SD card. SAMSUNG pls take note.

2 years 4 months ago

As I have said elsewhere I would luke to see another 4.7″ Screen Device but full Flagship
next time , Like a compact S6 or Note 5 Device with top specs.
People will pay for a Conpact Samsung Flagship.

2 years 4 months ago

I agreed with Samsung moved. Be focus, quantity of model just make loyal customer confused and end up don’t know which one to get. Make it simple and clean.
Work on the brand you have build like S line and Note line and for low end stream line and set minimum specs that do not jeopardize the performance and experience on usage.
I know, how much u pay is how much u get. But having Mobile tech is getting more competitive like Xiaomi around. There should be area where Samsung has an edge over Mi.
Samsung must realized why Apple is still wanted and favorite for most is becoz Apple make their product as simple and as easy as possible and try not to confuse their loyal user.
There are many advantages being not producing so many variants bcoz
1) u need lots of manpower to support, that increase cost.
2) so that easier to roll out ROM update.
3) all effort, all energy, all advertisements can focus on promoting a product. When too many diversify, u dillute the attention. There is a say, better specialized than jack of all trade.
4) less confuse for consumer, easier to make decision.
5) loyal customer always hate short change. Make loyal fan proud of what they have.
…..OK. So far that’s all I can think of.

2 years 4 months ago

I don’t see a valid reason for discontinuing a smart phone like alpha. I’ve got the device and I can say that it’s the best Samsung device I’ve ever used. If it hasn’t done good Sales numbers, then, they should blame their Marketing.
The device is excellent.

2 years 4 months ago

Last thing, so what Samsung is discontinued the alpha. It’s a well made device and maybe that’ll make it rare. Lol. I love Samsung and all, but they better update my international alpha to lollipop or yes I may show some frustrating ways with them!! But I don’t think that they give the alpha the cold shoulder concerning updating to 5.0.1. What’s your knowledge sammobile? ???thanks

2 years 4 months ago

So many “hate” on Samsung for such asinine an trivial reasons. If you don’t like Samsung, don’t buy there products but to bash them over and over til no end ,that’s sad that u have nothing else better to do! ! Love my g850f ALPHA! !!

2 years 2 months ago

Alphaaaaa !! <3 8core cortex a7 <3

2 years 4 months ago

Sam mobile I love you guys website. I get so tired of other “tech” sites constantly putting down Samsung. I’ve had many Samsung devices and now I currently own the galaxy alpha w exynos 5430& I love it. It’s my favorite phone hands down I’ve ever owned and yes,I’ve had the galaxy s3 s4 and s5. And alpha is my favorite. But cheers to you guys @sammobile. Love yall. Love Samsung! !

2 years 4 months ago

i have completely lost track of samsungs phones and designs, i’ve never owned an iphone and I know exactly what devices they sell, specs and all, what does that say about samsung? They have consistently watered down their product to the point where “samsung phone” now means nothing, doesnt stand for quality, speed or value.

2 years 4 months ago

I am sure they will not release a second model, the “Galaxy Beta”, but they should not discontinue a newer handset. Just as long as it gets Android 5.0.2 Lollipop.

2 years 4 months ago

The name is “Alpha” and Alpha 2 would sound weird

2 years 4 months ago

I would agree. Poor naming on Samsung’s part.