Samsung files an ITC complaint to block Nvidia’s chips from the US market

As a part of the ongoing patent war between Samsung and Nvidia, Samsung has filed a complaint with the US International Trade Commission in Washington to block the import of Nvidia’s GeForce and Tegra chips from the US market. Samsung has accused Nvidia of making false claims about its products and infringing upon several chip related patents. ITC complaints usually take less time to handle when compared to lawsuits, so there’s a greater chance that several brands such as BioStar and EVGA, which sell graphics cards powered by Nvidia’s GPU chips, may have to take their product off the shelves. After Nvidia accused Samsung and Qualcomm in September for infringing upon several GPU related patents, Samsung filed a counter-lawsuit against Nvidia seeking damages for intentional infringement of several technical patents including a certain way in which semiconductor chips use data and buffer. Earlier this month, Samsung sued Nvidia for faking benchmark scores of Tegra K1 SoCs against the Exynos 5433 chipset.

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