Milk Video launched, will make it easier to find viral videos on Samsung devices

Less than a year ago Samsung jumped into the world of music streaming by launching the oddly named service Milk Music. Today its expanding Milk’s presence over to video. The aptly named Milk Video has been announced today. its a new service which is going to make it easier for you to search viral videos from your Samsung device. This service is initially being launched in the U.S. only.

The Milk Video streaming service isn’t a Netflix or Amazon Instant Video competitor. It brings in content from a variety of partners which include College Humor, Cracked, Buzzfeed, Funny or Die, Vice, Vanity Fair and many others. Most videos available will be up to eight minutes however some videos might be as long as 20 minutes, that really depends upon the content provider.

It is possible to follow other Milk Video users to see their favorite vidoes. Sharing options include the ability to email links to videos, star links and even share them to Facebook from within the app.

Milk Video is exclusive to Samsung Galaxy devices and available only to users in the U.S. The app is now live in the Google Play Store.


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Dammit! No support outside of the US again?