Gear VR overheating reports rubbished

Given that users will have to wear a virtual reality headset on their face comfort is always a big point of focus for manufacturers. Reports started circulating yesterday that developers had noticed overheating problems with the Gear VR headset from Samsung but the company has rubbished those reports as it says the problem has already been fixed.

Andrew Dickerson, the director of software development at Samsung Dallas, further explained that developers who were complaining about the overheating problem had actually encountered a 20-minute “thermal limit” with games on the Gear VR. Those developers were actually using an older version of the mobile SDK which had the tendency to overheat the Galaxy Note 4, as you might know, serves as the Gear VR’s brains.

The issue has been solved by turning the cores back to a “more reasonable level,” says Dickerson, and while this means that developers do lose some performance it is claimed that some improvements have been made to cover up those losses. The company says that the overheating issue will not be present in the headsets that are released to the consumers next month.


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