Exclusive: Following Galaxy A series, Samsung will soon come up with new series of smartphones

Samsung has a pretty heavy lineup of smartphones including the international and the carrier branded variants. It is pretty hard to name every new device with something unique and catchy when you have such a vast product lineup. More often than not, Samsung is forced to name its smartphones with pretty long and sometimes silly sounding words like Ace, Young, Core, Grand, Mega and Max. Remember the Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE and the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch? Well, it looks like Samsung might finally ditch such naming conventions by launching new series of smartphones. According to our reliable sources, Samsung will soon come up with new smartphone range with single letter naming convention, similar to that of the Galaxy A series.

Samsung recently launched the Galaxy A series of smartphones, the Galaxy A3 and the Galaxy A5 built with metallic materials. If you can remember, Samsung is also working on their next flagship, which is codenamed as Project Zero. It is supposedly being fully designed from scratch rather than improvising upon its predecessors. After a 74 percent drop in mobile business profits, Samsung is probably trying to renew and rebrand its complete smartphone lineup with a whole new outlook.

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