Samsung S Health app update adds UV and SpO2 measurement features


Last updated: October 30th, 2014 at 16:01 UTC+02:00

A new update for the S Health app has been released, and is slowly rolling out throughout the world. The S Health update to v3.5.1 0668 brings weight control, measuring and managing sleep time with compatible wearable devices. The updated also adds ways to measure and manage UV and SpO2 levels. SpO2 is a way to measure the amount of oxygen being carried by red blood cells. SpO2 indicated how effectively a person is breathing and how well blood is being transported throughout the body. The S Health app can be installed or updated through Samsung App Store and is compatible with 62 products which are listed here.

Samsung S Health app turns the smartphone it is installed on, into a personal-health-management powerhouse. S Health can be used to track health statistics, like blood pressure, blood glucose levels, sleep time, SpO2, and weight. Users can even view and track environmental conditions such as UV levels and even track exercise regimen.

S Health update v3.5.1 0668 changelog:

  • Weight control is added.
  • Measuring and managing UV and SpO2 added.
  • Measuring and managing sleep time with compatible portable device has been added.

Samsung S Health Update


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