Oculus confirms ‘VR Quest’ game for Samsung Gear VR

The Facebook-owned virtual reality company Oculus has confirmed that its going to make a new game for the Samsung Gear VR, a virtual reality headset that Samsung built in collaboration with Oculus. The company says that the game will be released with the working title “VR Quest” after Samsung’s virtual reality headset hits the market.

There’s no confirmed release date as yet for the Samsung Gear VR. When the company unveiled it back at IFA 2014 it said that the device will ship later this fall for $199. It also requires a Galaxy Note 4 to function so users would be required to purchase a unit of Samsung’s latest flagship as well.

Oculus made the announcement for “VR Quest” during its first Oculus Connect developer conference. The game is going to be a third-person dungeon crawler which Oculus CTO John Carmack described as “Zelda-esque.” No additional details about the game were revealed at this point in time and neither was the expected release date revealed.

We’ll have to wait until the Gear VR hits the market to find out these details.


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