Samsung Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4 might get Android L in November/December

Android L is one of the best versions of Android since the OS’ inception, bringing over a new design direction and quite a few important features, like a switch to Google’s new ART runtime for apps, lockscreen notifications, and support for 64-bit processors. Naturally, people have been wondering when their Samsung devices will get updated to Android L, and thanks to our insiders, we have an estimated time frame for the Galaxy S5 and the Galaxy Note 4. Both devices should get the Android L update by the end of November/early December – it’s not clear when Google will make the new version available for Nexus devices, but based on our info Samsung should be pretty quick at adapting it for its own devices.

Of course, with software updates it’s never a guarantee that these time frames will work out, so it would be best not to get your hopes too high. However, with competing devices like the low-end Moto G getting quick updates these days, it’s possible Samsung is working at pushing updates faster than it has in the past, a scenario we can always get behind.

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