Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to be priced at 34,990 rubles ($940) in Russia

With less than a day to go before Samsung takes the wraps off the Galaxy Note 4, details on its pricing are no doubt going to start leaking from every direction. As has been the case quite a few times, the first price leak is coming from Russia – according to a representative for retailer Media Markt, the Galaxy Note 4 will be priced at 34,990 rubles in the country, which amounts to around $940. The Galaxy Note 3 launched at the same price in Russia last year, and according to the retailer, the Galaxy Note 4 will become available for purchase sometime in late September/early October, same as the third-generation Galaxy Note flagship.

As always, this isn’t an official price, though it seems probable considering Samsung can’t really go any higher if it wants consumers to buy the Galaxy Note 4 in droves upon the phablet’s launch. In fact, it will likely be a bit cheaper in other countries considering phone prices in Russia are usually a bit higher than normal, but again, we will need to wait for the official word from Samsung to know how much it intends to sell its latest flagship for.


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2 years 7 months ago

940 $ means roughly € 700… this is the same first Note 3′s street price………… Providing the features and technology may have improved after one year, this is not really more expensive thant its predecessor……..

2 years 7 months ago

Too expensive. You probably buy a decent laptop or Desktop with that price. In my opinion Samsung has the best devices out there, with latest technology and fantastic innovations, however they must focus on the sales and not just profit.

I have been buying Samsung products for many years now, of which Note 10.1 and Note 2 are my favourates. It is a pity to see other friends who would love to buy Samsung products venture for other inferior products elsewhere due to prices.
An idea might be to offer trade ins for older Samsung products thus reducing the price of the updated product and ncouraging other users to start buying Samsung products knowing they may upgrade in the future.

With the current strategy, other ‘low end firms’ such as Huawei and Xaiomi will continue to gain ground at the cost of Samsung better products.

2 years 7 months ago

its very high price i don’t think Samsung crazy to do that