First review of Samsung Galaxy Alpha goes live

Earlier today Samsung officially launched the Galaxy Alpha. The device will be released in over 150 countries next month. One of the very first reviews of the Galaxy Alpha has gone live now, it focuses mainly on Samsung’s decision to use metal instead of plastic for the Alpha. Samsung retains the signature Galaxy design language and manages to work metal in a package that’s less than 7mm thick.

Instead of going for an all metal build like its rivals Apple and HTC, Samsung chose to use rubberized plastic for the back cover. It may not look as nice as a full metal back but its more practical as the battery remains removable. The rubberized coating is said to reduce any chance of the device slipping out of your hands which users will certainly appreciate. Audio jack can be found on the top, there’s a microUSB port on the bottom, volume rockers are on the left and fingerprint sensor lives beneath the home button.

You can check out the entire review over at [email protected], fair warning, its in Russian so you’ll have to read a machine translation if you’re not fluent in that language. The gist of it is that the Galaxy Alpha does not only look like a premium device, but it performs like one as well.


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