Samsung trademarks ‘Galaxy Note Edge’

Since a few months, the Galaxy Note 4 has been rumored to have two different variants, one with a standard display and one with a curved screen, possibly one that wraps around the edges. It has been said that the curved variant will be limited to certain markets and have a three-sided display, and if we let our speculative power run wild, it looks like this particular variant could be called the Galaxy Note Edge. Samsung has registered a trademark for that particular name, and while the trademark listing doesn’t reveal any details, the title of the device does seem to suggest that the company is working on multiple variants of the Galaxy Note 4.

As always, nothing is certain until it’s official or more concrete details leak, but for now, be prepared for the possibility of seeing a Galaxy Note 4 variant called the Galaxy Note Edge, one that might just be announced at the Galaxy Note 4’s official unveiling on September 3.


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