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We all know the Galaxy Alpha is coming, coming to lay claim to the title of the first metallic Android phone from Samsung, and today the anticipated device has been approved by the FCC and placed a step further in its path to market availability. The FCC has approved the European variant with model number SM-G850F and confirmed the dimensions of the device to be 133 x 67 mm – the thickness of the Galaxy Alpha isn’t mentioned, but as the last batch of leaked photos revealed, it will be noticeably thinner than the Apple iPhone 5S. The FCC also lists Bluetooth 4.0 LE, NFC, dual-band Wi-Fi, and LTE as connectivity features, but those are par for the course for mid- to high-end handsets these days.

The Galaxy Alpha is expected to be unveiled on August 13, and judging by the FCC approval, we will likely see it hit retail in a month or so after its announcement. We’re guessing Samsung will launch it as soon as possible, probably sometime in August, since early September will see all interest shift to the Galaxy Note 4, but we’ll wait for official details before jumping to conclusions.





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