Samsung study shows people now tend to blend their personal and professional lives

Samsung recently conducted a study which involved 4,500 European office workers that were aged between 18-34. The findings from this study show that instead of drawing lines to keep their personal and professional lives separate, most people are now embracing work-life blending, they no longer shy away from doing personal tasks in work time and vice versa. 75 percent of those who were involved in this study said that they do personal tasks on the clock and 77 percent said that they work even when they’re off the clock.

38 percent of the study’s participants said that work-life blending allows them to do more work in the same amount of time and 36 percent agreed to blending both lives on a single device to feel more productive.

The study also showed that in some work environments “hired hackers” exist. These are tech-savvy employees who circumvent any regulations placed in the workplace to use their preferred technology to get the job done. This includes using unauthorized file sharing platforms and unblocking access to blocked websites such as Facebook or Twitter.

Samsung says that it is vital to understand the habit of employees so that robust and flexible security solutions can be built accordingly. The company’s KNOX security suite allows users to achieve this work-life blend on a single device, allowing them to use personal applications and services while keeping corporate data safe and secure.


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