Samsung releases Tizen TV SDK 1.0 Beta

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With Samsung’s goal to see Tizen powering everything from smartphones to TVs to automobiles, developers are going to play a huge part in helping the company fulfill its dreams. Whether developers will hop on the Tizen bandwagon in great numbers remains to be seen, but interested developers can now start developing for and porting their apps to Tizen TV platform with the help of the newly released Tizen TV SDK 1.0 Beta. Samsung hasn’t launched any TVs powered by Tizen in the market just yet, but that is expected to change soon, and the SDK will help developers in being ready with their apps ahead of retail availability of Tizen TVs.

Head over to the source link to download the SDK and for details on its features.


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3 years 6 months ago

i still dont understand why samsung keep working on the horrible and worst mobile OS in the world called Tizen. I will change to HTC, Sony or Motorola to use ANDROID as Android will be TOP1 for next 5 years!!!