Report: Gear 3 to debut alongside Galaxy Note 4 in September

If you thought the short six-month span between the original Galaxy Gear and the Gear 2‘s release was just a one-time thing, then Samsung might be working on disappointing you yet again. According to industry sources quoted by The Korea Herald, Samsung is developing the “next generation of the Samsung Gear 2, and it will be sold in a bundle package with the upcoming Galaxy Note 4,” with the SIM-enabled version of the Gear 2 – tentatively titled Gear Solo – taking its place in the company’s smartwatch lineup between the Gear 2 and the Gear 3 (another tentative title.)

The report conflicts with earlier rumors that Samsung will be launching a Google Glass-like wearable with the Galaxy Note 4, though it does make more sense considering the smartwatch market is bigger than the market for devices like wearable glasses. Samsung is also said to be working on a virtual reality headset, but with other Android manufacturers and Apple also slated to launch smartwatches in the coming months, it wouldn’t be surprising if the Gear 3 (and perhaps the second-generation Gear Fit) are the only two wearables the Korean manufacturer puts all its focus on in the near future.


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