Rumor: Dutch police to use Galaxy S5’s fingerprint sensor in law enforcement

If you thought the fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy S5 was only good for unlocking the phone or making PayPal payments, you might want to think again. According to a source for Android Planet, the National Police in Holland has ordered around 35,000 units of the Galaxy S5 in order to use them for law enforcement and replace the now ageing BlackBerry phones. Reportedly, the police plan to use the fingerprint scanner on the S5 for the identification of people through, well, their fingerprints, with an app that makes use of the fingerprint SDK Samsung provides. The phones will also be loaded with an app for dishing out fines, and to scan documents and badges.

Both the police and Samsung are currently unwilling to confirm the rumor, and even if the Galaxy S5 does get approved for duty (no pun intended), it apparently won’t be until mid-2015 that police personnel get the device in their hands. However, if the rumor does turn out to be true, it would be a good showcase of the fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy S5, and certainly get Samsung something to boast about with its latest flagship.


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