Samsung SM-G906K (Galaxy S5 Prime) appears on Korean website

A Galaxy S5 with a QHD (2560×1440) display – tentatively called Galaxy S5 Prime – seems to be getting closer and closer to becoming official, as after a recent appearance in Hong Kong, it has (temporarily) reared its face on a Korean website. An SM-G906K (the Korean variant of the phone) was spotted at the Olleh TV website as a device supported by the service but has since been taken, though not without leaving a hint that the SM-G906 – whatever this device may turn out to be named – could be in its final stages of development and be made official very soon.

The image accompanying the phone’s listing was one we’ve already seen before, showing a Spigen back cover on the device. It isn’t surprising that an existing image was used – Samsung has been pretty good with hiding its devices’ actual design before launch, so we probably won’t know whether the Galaxy S5 Prime really does sport a new design and/or a metallic construction before it goes official.



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