Samsung SM-G750, possible Galaxy S5 Neo, shows up with 5.1-inch screen

It was over a month ago that we came across the Samsung SM-G750, a device with flagship specs but a screen of standard 720p resolution, which suggested we might be looking at the Galaxy S5 Neo (or mini, depending on what Samsung decides to call it). We had thought at the time that Samsung was finally making a mini flagship variant with no downgrade in specs, but it looks like we could be wrong, as the SM-G750 has now appeared in a shipping list with a 5.1-inch screen. That would amount to a not-so-sharp display, which would suggest that Samsung could skimp on a rather important feature while otherwise putting high-end specs.

The SM-G750H has been shipped to India for testing – the first appearance of the SM-G750 was with model number SM-G750A for AT&T, so the SM-G750H would be the international variant similar to how the SM-G900H is the international version of the Galaxy S5. Of course, it’s possible the display resolution will be increased to 1080p on the final version of the device, but that’s something we’ll only find out when more concrete information shows up in the coming weeks. Thankfully, with a 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 processor, the Galaxy S5 Neo will be a powerhouse of a device with a 720p display, but we’re not sure some consumers will be willing to accept that as a compromise for a pixelated display.


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