Samsung accidentally lists Galaxy Note 4 in SideSync compatibility list

We don’t really need any confirmation that the Galaxy Note 4 will be coming out later this year, but there’s a slight chance the company might launch its next flagship phablet a little earlier than planned. Samsung recently updated its SideSync software to work on all Windows computers, and in the hardware compatibility list, the company has mentioned the Galaxy Note 4 as one of the devices that SideSync now supports. Now, this doesn’t exactly mean much and could be a result of someone typing in Galaxy Note 4 instead of Galaxy Note 3, though it makes us wonder if Samsung is making a habit of sneaking in upcoming product names in such lists just to build up anticipation, and also if the Note 4 might come to market earlier than its predecessors.

The Galaxy Note 4 is expected to arrive in the third quarter this year, supposedly with a new form factor that could include a curved (or even three-sided) display. Details on its specs are currently unknown, though it’s possible it might be the first Samsung smartphone to sport a 2K display (2,560×1,440.)




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It should be Note 3, they typed it wrong…Note 3 works on sidesync and its not on the list. i have one and tried it


I also have a Note 3 LTE with KitKat.

What Note 3 do you have and what android version?
What Windows are you using?

I have tried connecting sidesync, but it fails to connect.


Hope it does sport a Quad HD display.