Samsung might produce Retina display for Apple’s iPad mini 2 in 2014

No matter how many court battles they might take part in against each other, Samsung and Apple continue to do business together in the background, with the Korean manufacturer producing components like the processor for Apple’s iPhone. This year, the tradition is expected to continue, according to a new report, which suggests that Samsung will start producing the Retina display used in Apple’s iPad mini 2, sometime in the second half of 2014. Samsung will take over part of Sharp’s display orders, while Taiwanese company AUO will cease to work on the displays altogether, also surrendering its production duties to Samsung.

If accurate, the report confirms that despite constantly being at each other’s throats, Samsung is simply big and useful for Apple to sever all ties with – Samsung is also expected to manufacture Apple’s upcoming A8 processor according to rumors, so it’s possible we’ll see the two smartphone giants continue to do both business with and sue the living daylights out of each other for the foreseeable future.


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