Report: Samsung having trouble producing lens optics for Galaxy S5 camera

The Galaxy S5’s on-time arrival was already challenged by a fire at one of Samsung’s partner factories, and now, according to the Korean media, Samsung could be running into issues producing the camera lens on the device. According to ETNews, the Galaxy S5 uses a new 6-elements lens (present on devices like the Nokia Lumia 925 and, in the Android world, on the Oppo N1), and molding the lens optics on the camera module is presenting problems for lens suppliers, who are in charge of combining the camera module with the lens.

The procedure of fitting in the lens optics with the camera module on the Galaxy S5 requires higher precision than before, as the module is rather slim and therefore can cause considerable optical distortion because of a single flaw in the molding process. Samsung is supposedly at only 20-30 percent of the expected yield capacity for the lens assembly, which might put the kibosh on the company’s plans to launch its latest flagship in more than 150 countries on April 11 and delay availability in a few markets.


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