Galaxy Note 3 Neo now available in India for Rs. 38,990

After announcing the Galaxy Note 3 Neo in India last week, Samsung has now started selling the device on its official e-store. The price of the handset is the same as its pre-order price, which was slightly lesser than what Samsung quoted during the announcement. The device is now available in India for Rs.38990 ($625). The pricing of the device is interesting, given the fact that the Galaxy Note 3 Neo is a trimmed down version of the Galaxy Note 3. It comes with a slightly smaller 5.5-inch 720p screen and Samsung’s new Exynos 5260 hexa-core CPU.

Most other hardware details have also been downgraded, like the 2 GB RAM to the 3 GB featured in the Galaxy Note 3. As such, the cost of the device becomes a huge factor. Currently, the Galaxy Note 3 is priced at around Rs. 43000 ($700), which isn’t that big of a difference from the Galaxy Note 3 Neo. However, Samsung is known to bring the price down after a few weeks of availability, so we will be monitoring the situation to let you know if there is a decrease in the cost. The pricing of the Note 3 Neo also brings about an interesting question, one that concerns the Galaxy S5. The Galaxy S5 price in India is rumoured to be north of Rs. 50,000 ($800), which is in line with what its price is in territories like the UK. Such a high price would deter the most loyal of consumers in India. We just have to wait and see how the situation pans out.

Note 3 Neo India launch



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Hi A price cut of Rs. 2k is not really worth at all. When you can own a Note 3 for Rs. 43k in India then who is going to but this. Note 2 is selling for Rs. 29k right now. So imo SAMSUNG should drop the price of Note 3 Neo a little further & bring it to somewhere in the range of 33k-34k slab. I definitely bet that Note 3 Neo will then be selling like hot cakes & will be the talk of the town. People will prefer to go with Note 3 Neo instead of Note… Read more »


regards.. i’m from sri lanka and i have some confuse about my note 3 n9005 from region ksa and updated to latest firmware version N9005XXUDMJ7. i can’t use 4g lte service which provided by my network provider because my devise has no any option about the 4g network under the network settings. what should i do to enable 4g lte service? hope u reply me soon..:)