Report: Samsung could be more aggressive about Galaxy S5 pricing

The Galaxy S5 could be priced more aggressively than previous models in the Galaxy S series, according to a report by Bloomberg. An unnamed insider believes Samsung will price its next flagship a bit lower, at least in the U.S.., because of suggestions made by at least one carrier. That’s a bit of a stretch, as recent device releases from the Korean giant have shown how it is continue to jack up its profit margins, but given the fact the Galaxy S4 was not as huge a seller as the company hoped it would be, it wouldn’t be surprising if the S5 came with a lower price tag from the start.

However, given the fact that the S5 is expected to have two models, one standard and the other more premium (through features like a premium build and a 2K display), it’s possible the lower price will only extend to the base model. The report also claims that the S5 will feature a sharper display and improved camera and battery, but that’s not exactly new info, so the main thing to take away from it is that you might not have to shell out as much cash to buy the fifth-generation Galaxy S as previous models, which might just help Samsung break new sales records.

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