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Samsung considering a lower price point for the Galaxy Gear 2

Samsung has seen an underwhelming consumer interest thus far in the Galaxy Gear. The South Korean manufacturer’s first smartwatch hasn’t sold as well as it would’ve liked, and although total sales of 800,000 units globally were touted, they were sales to retailers and not end-users. In an effort to turn things around for the Galaxy Gear, Samsung has slashed its price by $120 in India, which is now available for $225.

One of the main reasons for the lacklustre sales was the fact that the Galaxy Gear was priced too high. With a retail price of $350, the Gear wasn’t the most affordable smartwatch to begin with. Samsung seems to have realised its mistake, and is said to be considering a more realistic price for the Galaxy Gear 2.

We revealed back in December that Samsung is getting ready to launch the Galaxy Gear 2 at the Mobile World Congress. The Galaxy Gear 2 is set to be an entirely different offering to the original Gear, and will likely feature a flexible screen along with an entirely new design. Samsung will also likely sell the handset for under $299, which is claimed to be the suggested retail price of the iWatch. Sources familiar with the matter at Samsung have indicated that officials were considering a price decrease for the Gear 2, but that the final decision rests with its partners.

The iWatch is still at the rumor stage as of now, but Samsung can gain valuable momentum in the wearable segment by launching a device with a flexible screen and added functionality for under $299. Samsung hasn’t officially confirmed any details yet, but it is certain that the manufacturer will unveil the Galaxy Gear 2 in two weeks’ time in Barcelona.


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