Samsung SM-W750V Windows Phone handset has 1080p display

The appearance of a Samsung SM-W750V in the past few weeks has everyone speculating on the possibility of the Korean manufacturer working on yet another Windows Phone 8 device (one that could possibly have some of Microsoft’s money behind it), and now the device’s user agent profile (UAProf) on Samsung’s website has revealed that the handset will sport a 1080p (1080×1920) display. Also mentioned in the UAProf is Internet Explorer as the browser used for visiting the website, which is a good indication that the SM-W750V is running on Windows Phone, with the high-resolution screen made possible by the OS’ latest version (GDR3.)

However, we’re still not any closer to knowing when, and if, Samsung will make the SM-W750V official. The handset did swing by the Bluetooth SIG recently, so the company is certainly testing it actively, though as we’ve noted before, it’s unclear how well the phone will do in a market that’s flooded with (impressive) Nokia smartphones, sporting many of the Finnish company’s apps and services.


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