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Samsung responds to claims of KNOX vulnerability, says there’s nothing to worry about

A few security researchers recently came out with a claim that Samsung’s KNOX is susceptible to a hack that allows a malicious being to monitor data communications and access emails, and given the fact that KNOX is supposed to be a secure environment, the claim was naturally given some attention in the media. Well, Samsung has now come out with an official response to the claim, and it turns out that the issue is not in KNOX and will not present itself if KNOX is configured correctly.

According to Samsung, the “exploit uses legitimate Android network functions in an unintended way to intercept unencrypted network connections from/to applications on the mobile device,” and that it isn’t a flaw or bug in KNOX or Android; instead, it’s merely a “Man in the Middle” attack that allows access to unencrypted application data, and that KNOX offers various protections against such attacks.

It all comes down to a lot of technical jargon, which you can go through at the source link, but it seems that KNOX users have nothing to worry about as far as the security of their data is concerned.



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