Samsung’s 2014 smart TVs to come with new interface features, including finger gestures

Samsung’s smart TVs will be getting smarter in 2014, as the company has announced that along with improved hardware (like a curved 105-inch Ultra HD TV), its 2014 smart TVs will come with enhanced convenience and ease of use features. Voice control will be improved, with features such as changing the channel by simply speaking the channel number, and motion control will be taken to a new level through finger gestures – for example, users will be able to stop a video and go back to the previous screen by motioning their finger counterclockwise, making things more convenient than using whole-hand commands.

The 2014 Smart TV models will be shown at CES in February. We’ll be attending, and you can rest assured we’ll let you know how Samsung’s proposed improvements work in real life.


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3 years 7 months ago

OH brillaint. As if 499 euro for 22″ because of pointless “apps” wasn’t expensive enough, (the same TV the year before without them was 299) let’s add another 200 euro because of an integrated Kinect. Oh joh.